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21 Shots



21 Ends



21 Ends



4 Wood singles

(for non-winners in Association)

21 Shots



18 Ends



21 Ends



21 Shots



2021 2021

EHDWBA  Competition Rules:

1.       Singles (21 Shots)

2.       Pairs  (21 Ends)

3.       Triples (18 Ends)

4.       Fours (21 Ends)

5.       2 Wood Pairs   (21 Ends)

6.       Millennium Cup 21 Shots  (for non-winners in the Association

7.       3 Wood Singles played in a gala format until Finals when its 21 shots.

    Rules 2017

  1   All competition will be played under World Bowls Laws unless otherwise stated.

  2    The player whose number is printed 1st on the list of competition is the challenger

         She will offer her opponents three dates (not consecutive) one of which may be a weekend.

        The opponent must accept one of these dates, or forfeit the game.

        The Dates must be offered within two weeks of the closing date of the previous round otherwise

                the opponent  will become the challenger. County Competition dates and East Herts Association    

               Games can be refused if the opponent is involved and another date must be offered.

               SEMI FINALS  in all games should be played on a Neutral Green, in a Singles Match ask the Host Club

               to provide  a marker, you cannot use your own.

        3     A Player named in a Team cannot become a substitute in another team in the same competition.

        4      From the quarter finals onwards, the latest time to start a competition is 5.30pm.

        5    In Pairs Triples and Fours the players taking part in the first game shall constitute The Team and shall

normally play together throughout the competition. One additional and  the same player may, however be used as a substitute at any time provided she has not played in the competition. SHE MUST NOT PLAY SKIP. The competition secretary should be informed if substitute will be playing before a match commences.  In the case of a walkover all players in both teams must be named and the competition secretary informed.


         6    In the event of a match being abandoned for any reason on the last day of the round the teams will be allowed   2 days

 to  replay the game.

          7   The competition results must be telephoned or emailed to the competition secretary on the day of play, plus posting a result card    

8   Dress: Competitors shall wear Greys with white or club colour tops in all rounds up to semi- final stage (shorts and sandals    may be worn providing clubs allow them

9    Finals Day: Presidents Green: Dress: Whites plus  club colours for competitions.

10  Contacts  East Herts Web Site: uk Competition Secretary,  Ann Hudson Email: phone no:  01992 582344