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Adopted at E.H.B.A Annual General Meeting

Updated January 2019


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Entries to all competitions must be forwarded to the Hon. Competition Secretary by 31st January each year with the necessary fees.

1.   A team may be entered in one name at 31st January, the closing date for entries, with the following proviso:

A)     That players competing in the first match of the competition shall thereafter be known as the team.

B)     That the names of the players in the first round must be notified to the Hon. Competition Secretary with the result within 24 hours of the match.

2.     A)  The entrance fee per player per competition shall be decided by the Council. The fee may be varied from time to time as the council decide.

B)      Each male competitor shall purchase a current EHBA Handbook.


3.     The entrance fee for the New Lyndhurst Trophy – two triples, one home one away, and the New Thurgood  Cup – two fours, both at home – shall be decided by the Council. The fee may be varied from time to time as the Council may decide.


A)     The two triples involved in the New Lyndhurst Trophy, one at home, one away, shall be played simultaneously. If this is possible, e.g. due adverse weather conditions, etc, the tie must be rearranged to be completed by the official closing date or later with prior approval of the hon. Secretary. The use of normal or mobile telephone communication between home and away venues during play is strictly forbidden any infringement will result in the disqualification of the offending team.


4.     The competitions shall be confined to such clubs as have joined the Association and have paid their subscription for the current season.


5.     No restriction shall be placed upon any member playing in more than one competition, but he shall not enter from or play for more than one club in the competitions.


6.     The competitions shall be played under the Laws of the W.B.B. (Bowls England version of the laws of the game) and EHBA Competition Rules and shall be under the management of the Hon. Competition Secretary representing the Executive Committee who shall determine all questions of disputes that may arise and which do not come within the scope of the Umpire’s duties. Any party may appeal against a decision of the Executive Committee of the Council whose decision shall be final and binding.


7.   The Draw for the competitions shall be made by the Executive Committee.


8.     All competitors must use bowls stamped in accordance with Bowls England’s Laws of the Game.


9.     East Hertfordshire shall be divided into two groups. The allocation of clubs to groups shall be made by the Executive Committee.


10   .The player printed first on the draw sheet shall be the Challenger and upon receipt of the match card should, within 48 hours, offer his opponent two dates (Saturday and Sunday excepted) one of which must be accepted. It is the responsibility of the Challenger to ensure he has received the first round (and where applicable the second round) cards at the start of the season for all competitions entered in his name. For subsequent rounds, it is his responsibility to ensure he has received the result card not later than 48 hours after the closing date of the previous round. If it has not been received, then he must inform the Competition Secretary immediately. No date prior to the 7th May shall be offered. Thereafter, ties to be played before the closing date by mutual agreement. No dates shall be offered to EHBA and Hertfordshire BA tourists falling if the week the tours. An alternative date must be offered if the opponent is involved in another EHBA or Hertfordshire Bowls Competition.


11.   In the event of the Challenger’s green being not available or not conforming to Bowls England requirements the game shall be played on the opponents green. Should both greens be not available or not to conform to Bowls England requirements. The Challenger shall have the choice of a neutral in the same district.


12.   In the neutral green draw all ties shall be played on or by mutual agreement before the date shown on the draw and upon greens to be determined by the Hon. Competition Secretary/Executive.


13.   In the neutral green stage of the competitions it is understood that any green belonging to a club of which the competitor may be a member – other than the club he has entered from – shall be regarded as a neutral green and available for him to play.


14.   If a party arrives more than 30 minutes after the time fixed for the game, and in the absence of a satisfactory explanation, the other party may claim the game.


15.   Any claims as to default by the Challenger or Opponent must be forwarded in writing to the Hon. Competition Secretary within 24 hours of the default occurring.


16.   The Winner shall be responsible for informing the Hon. Competition Secretary of the result of the game by e-mail or Text within 24 hours. E-mail EHBACOMPSEC@GMAIL.COM or TEXT to 07592  826921


17   All Finals of Competitions shall be played at the “Finals Day” celebrations. However, where a competitor is involved in more than two finals – the New Lyndhurst Trophy and the New Thurgood Cup not included – permission may be obtained for the Hon. Competition Secretary/Executive to arrange the match on another date.


18.   The dress for all competitors on Competitions Final Day shall be white shirts with club ties and white trousers, for ladies’ white top with white skirt or trousers, with white or grey shoes. The wearing of coloured club shirts for all competitors will be permitted. All players in the team must wear the same colour.


19.   No extensions beyond the final day of the various rounds can be granted.


20.   On substitute will be allowed in each of the Pairs, Triples and Fours competitions. One lady substitute will be allowed in the Mixed pairs Competition. When a substitute plays for the third time in any one competition, he automatically replaces the member of the team having played the least number of games. A player can only act as substitute if he has not played in the respective competition for another team.


21.   All correspondence in connection with competitions must be sent by

 E-mail EHBACOMPSEC@GMAIL.COM or TEXT to 07592 826921

The EHBA Executive Committee, wish it to be understood that the above rules should be interpreted and used with the best of intentions towards your opponents at all times. Let there be no gamesmanship – only goodwill at all times.