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  First Round To Be Played by June  19th  
1 Jim Parsley Sele Farm 20-17 Robin Chalcraft Sawbridgeworth
2 Fred Cable Rosedale 22-21 Graeme Indge Ware
3 Adrian Yarborough Bishop's Stortford 27-5. Jonathan Major Sawbridgeworth
  Second Round To Be Played By July 19th  
4 Greg Amos Buntingford w/o-o Jim Parsley Sele Farm
5 John Bishop Rosedale 16-15 Ralph Wheeler Cheshunt
6 Adrian Yarborough Bishop's Stortford 19-5. Dave Murphy Rosedale
7 Fred Cable Rosedale 12-17. Ross Murphy Buntingford
8 Alan Napier Whit Hern 9-17. Derek Grose Ware
9 Allen Brandford Hertford Castle 13-19 Peter Warren Buntingford
10 Terry Pugh Northaw & Cuffley 20-19 Mike Johnson Cheshunt
11 David Hunt Bishop's Stortford 18-15 Carl Frostick Buntingford
  Third Round To Be Played By August 6th  
12 Adrian Yarborough Bishop's Stortford v Peter Warren Buntingford
13 David Hunt Bishop's Stortford 18-10. Greg Amos Buntingford
14 Terry Pugh Northaw & Cuffley 12-14. Derek Grose Ware
15 John Bishop Rosedale 8-21. Ross Murphy Buntingford
  Semi-Final To Be Played By August 21st  
16 Derek Grose Ware v David Hunt Bishop's Stortford
17 Peter Warren Buntingford v Ross Murphy Buntingford